Even if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb,

You can bring some life and beauty into your spaces with self-watering planters.  By taking the guesswork out of how much and when to water makes these planters all the rage! There are endless options from fancy-schmancy, to rustic, to sleek and modern.  They are available in a wide price range and can be utilitarian or decorative, and sometimes both!


The Advantages of Self-Watering Planters are Numerous

  • Save water
  • Save time
  • Retain nutrients
  • Encourage healthy root growth
  • Allow travel without resulting in dead plants

Not only do self-watering planters do all of the above, but they also allow the plant killers of the world to enjoy the benefits of living with plants.  By providing a consistent level of moisture directly to the roots of plants, self-watering containers can, therefore, increase plant health and growth.   You will have higher yielding vegetables and flowers that seem to live forever!

This cute pot is one of the more affordable choices.  It’s perfect for adding a pop of color!  The shiny lacquer finish looks like ceramic, but it is actually a lightweight plastic. It has a small window for viewing the water level.

Santino Self Watering Planter

Most Self-Watering Planters Utilize a Simple Irrigation System


The bottom of a self-watering pot holds a reservoir that catches and stores excess water. The top of the reservoir has an aeration screen that has small holes. This screen allows the plant’s roots to grow through the holes to access the water, as well as letting excess water drain from the plant’s soil into the reservoir.  This continuous watering system gives your plant the life-sustaining moisture it needs for healthy growth.




Accessorizing with plants is easy with these unique containers.  No worries about keeping the plants alive with the easy to view water level.

7″ Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Pot



Know When to Water


Some self-watering planters also have a water indicator.  The indicator sticks out of the top of the soil and has a viewing window thus making it easy to see when it’s time to add more water.  Other containers have a small opening protruding from the side showing the water level.

This hanging basket makes a great stylish addition to any part of your home or patio. The attractive decorative woven wicker has a texture that’s remarkably similar to real rattan.


Hanging Planter for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Save Time While Keeping Your Plants Alive


In hot, and dry conditions, ordinary container plants can dry out faster than a normal garden bed.  In that case, they may require you to water them two or three times a day. It only takes a few days for plants to shrivel if they are deprived of necessary hydration, resulting in a brown and dying plant.  A self-watering planter will take most of the work out of watering.



This classic beauty has a special “airstone” filter in the bottom of the planter.  Plants can go up to 3 months before needing a refill of the 1.5-gallon tank.

Dunrite Products Self-Watering Planter

Have a Stress Free Kitchen Garden


Outdoor self-watering containers make it easy to have a small vegetable and herb garden, thus eliminating the hard work of planting a garden in the ground.  For convenience, some planters even come with rollers. As a result, you can easily move your garden when needed to maximize sunshine or clear the space.




This tomato trellis garden on wheels expands to over 4 feet tall.  As plants grow just add extra rings or risers.

Rolling Tomato Trellis

Self-Watering Planters Eliminate Mistakes


Probably the most common mistake gardeners make, even experienced growers, is to over-water plants. With a well-designed self-watering container, this problem is eliminated. As a result, your plants will get the right amount of water they need to thrive.  Drowning your plants is a thing of the past!




Add a Rustic touch with this fine self-watering wood barrel planter with an easy access fill tube.

Wood Barrel Planter 17” W x 14″


Anyone Can Have a Green Thumb!


Even with limited time or space, as well as enjoying vacations regularly, anyone can grow a garden and enjoy indoor plants.  Self-watering containers take out all of the guess-work in addition to making a green thumb a sure thing!  So go ahead and fill your spaces full of flowers, tropical plants, vegetables and herbs, then enjoy the benefits of living with plants.

Enjoy long blooming wilt-proof flower displays in this gorgeous bronze finish rolling planter.

Self-Watering Rolling Planter

Add a splash of bright color to container gardens. Self-watering for healthier plants with a 1-gallon reservoir.

Colorful Tub Trug Planter

This adorable planter is perfect for enjoying the fresh scent of Lavender year round!

Santini 7″ Flower Pot

A contemporary craft look for a delightful play of light and a natural splash of fun.

Modern Decorative Pot


Bring natural beauty to your home with this square self-watering planter.

Modern Square 10.8″ Pot