Aeration and Overseeding

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Our annual aeration and seeding services will allow your grass to receive the water and nutrients it needs, while also filling in any bare spots in your lawn.
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Aeration, and Overseeding Services in Asheville

Do you know what keeps your lawn healthy, green, and thriving? Regular mowing and maintenance will only take your lawn so far. However, treating your yard with annual aeration, overseeding and top dressing will create stronger roots, resulting in a thicker lawn.

At Wood Lawn WNC, we want to see your lawn thrive! For that to happen, grass needs a balanced combination of air, water, sunlight, nutrients, and space to grow. When any of these fall short, so does your turf.


What is Core Aeration?

We use a special tool to perform core aeration, which punctures small holes throughout your lawn. These holes allow oxygen, hydration, and nutrients to go deep into the soil and roots therefor, aerating your lawn loosens compacted soil, avoiding thatch buildup on your lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and debris that forms across the turf between the blades and the roots.

Thatch can create major problems for your lawn, including moisture and oxygen reduction and the promotion of lawn disease and pests.

Core aeration will

  • Alleviate compaction in your turf
  • Allow moisture to get deep into the soil and to the roots of your grass
  • Allow the root system to grow, expand, and strengthen


7 Benefits of Lawn Aeration: Why you should Core Aerate your Lawn.

A lawn that is not regularly aerated will begin to decline. Make sure to schedule your services with us yearly!

What is the Purpose of Overseeding?

At Wood Lawn WNC, we pair our aeration services with overseeding giving your lawn the maximum amount of benefits possible. Overseeding encourages healthy growth on your lawn, for both new and old grass. Overseeding right after aeration means more seeds reach the soil with a higher germination rate, allowing new grass to grow, creating an even thicker lawn.

Why do we choose to aerate and overseed at the same time? This gives your grass the best chance of optimal growth and survival.

The benefits of overseeding post-aeration include

  • More seeds reach the dirt, creating a higher germination rate
  • Grass is repaired from exposure to heat, drought, or sun damage
  • Weeds are kept at bay and have a harder time growing
  • New grass seed is added to the existing seed which strengthens the growing lawn

The Benefits of Overseeding: Why Your Lawn Needs It

What is Top Dressing?

Top dressing a lawn is a great improvement method. It occurs when you apply  a mixture of compost and top soil to the surface to improve soil conditions and overall lawn health.

Wood Lawn WNC prefers to do an annual application of top dressing to a lawn. We apply a nutrient-rich organic material that promotes healthy root and soil structure.  Top dressing infuses the soil with beneficial microbes and minerals. It increases soil aeration, improves drought resistance and relieves compaction. It is considered an ideal treatment for poor soil quality or quantity.

Top dressing a lawn has many benefits

  • Smoothing the lawn surface and filling in low spots
  • Reducing thatch
  • Improving the soil
  • Improving drainage

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    Soil temperatures in Asheville by mid-March are perfect for Aeration and Overseeding. This will give your grass the best chance of growing strong and healthy for the next season! Homeowners in Asheville and other nearby areas will notice a drastic difference in their lawn in about a month.

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