Mulch and Rock Installation

In Asheville, Enka, Candler, Biltmore Lake

Properly installed mulch delivers many benefits including, soil insulation, moisture retention, prevents soil erosion, assists in weed prevention, and requires less need for water, fertilizer, and herbicides.

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Up your curb appeal with decorative rock and mulch in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

Why not put a finishing touch on your landscape? Mulch or rock installation can reduce weeds, erosion, and the maintenance of flowerbeds and gardens. In addition to creating a practical and protective covering for the roots of your plants, they provide an aesthetically pleasing ground cover that adds neatness and increases curb appeal.

Mulch & decorative stone protect soil from erosion, extreme temperatures & more.

Our team provides the appropriate product and installation depth to encourage mulch and rock (decorative stone) to serve its purpose: look great, and protect the soil.

Mulch and rock also provide the following:

  • Erosion Protection – Prevents excessive water run-off from stripping the soil of nutrients and causing harm to plants.
  • Soil Insulation – Provides a type of blanket over the soil and prevents extreme temperatures from damaging plant life.
  • Weed Prevention – Helps prevent weed growth by blocking additional sunlight from reaching unplanted areas (weed barrier installation is a plus).
  • Finished Look – Unplanted areas are provided with a uniform covering that provides an attractive, finished look.

Our team has the experience to complete the job properly and to your liking, using either hardwood or bark mulch, which can be dyed brown, black, or red.


To receive maximum benefits, mulch should be laid at 2-3 inches thick and refreshed at least once per year.

Mulch and Rock maintenance

We recommend replenishing mulch and rock on a regular basis to ensure your landscaping is getting the full benefits. As a rule, mulch is refreshed yearly and rock is refreshed bi-yearly. To receive the full benefits of mulch and rock, it should be installed at least 2-3 inches thick. Our team will take measurements of your landscape beds to determine exactly how much ground coverings you’ll need.

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Whether you need to replenish your current mulch or you are looking for a change, new mulch and rock bring amazing curb appeal and health benefits to your landscaping. Contact us at 828-412-0428 to see the difference our mulching service will make on your property. We provide complimentary measurements and estimates for properties in Asheville and the surrounding area.



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