Fall Cleanup and Leaf Removal in Asheville, NC

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Keep your lawn clean and free of leaf buildup with our leaf removal and fall cleanup services that begin once leaves start falling in Asheville, NC

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Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup Services for Asheville, NC


Once the leaves begin to fall,  it’s time to get your lawn into hibernation mode before the cold temperatures of winter blow in. If you take the time to care for your lawn properly during the early fall, it will have a better chance to be healthier when it begins to grow again the following spring.  The best time for leaf removal and  fall cleanup in Asheville is during October or November.

Leaf removal focuses on making sure fallen leaves are blown, raked and removed from your yard and landscaping. Allowing leaves to build up and stay on your lawn all winter long can create winter rot and kill your lawn. Without necessary fall cleanup, dead leaves will smother the lawn, block sunlight, and create mold/disease.

 Why is it Necessary to Rake Leaves off of the Lawn?

Along with leaf removal,  Wood Lawn WNC provides other important Fall Cleanup Services.

How We Clear Leaves From Your Yard

As part of our leaf removal service, our team will use power blowers to clear yards and landscape beds of leaves. The dead leaves are then cleared from your yard and sucked into our vacuum truck. This method prevents the pileup of leaf bags on your curbside and provides an immediately visible result.

We also provide curbside leaf pickup for customers who want to rake or blow their own leaves.  Simply schedule your pickup, rake or blow the leaves to the edge of your lawn, and we suck them up with our leaf vacuum!



Why spend your free time raking leaves?  Let us do the hard work for you!

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Other Fall Cleanup Chores

This time of year most yards are looking a little rough around the edges.  Tree branches and shrubs are overgrown and out-of-shape, perennials are scraggly and have taken over. Landscape beds need to be weeded and debris needs to be removed

Fall Landscaping Checklist

What does a Fall Cleanup Include?

Some of the services we can provide to clean up your yard in fall may include:


  • Mowing grass
  • Edging/reshaping of landscape beds
  • Removal of leaves in lawn and landscape beds
  • Replacement or removal of dead plants
  • Removal of debris and sticks
  • Trimming and pruning of landscaping
  • Weeding landscape beds
  • Fertilization of the lawn and landscaping
  • Lawn aeration and dethatching

Best Options for Fall Leaf Cleanup Tools

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